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Before driving and before your licence test check that your tyres are roadworthy and correctly inflated.

The correct air pressure for your tyres can be found on a placard or sticker inside the driver’s door frame or inside the glove box.

Inspect the tyre tread, rear tyres are usually easy to see, while turning the front wheels outward helps.

Inspect your tyres for uneven tread wear, cuts, cracks, bulges, foreign objects or other signs of wear or damage. 

Tread wear indicators are located in the grooves of tyres, when the tread is worn down to the level of any of the indicators the tyre needs replacing, if in doubt have a reputable tyre store check them for you.

The picture shows the tread indicators.

From Austinmer to Kiama the Illawarra has a wonderful range of roads, from windy and steep to flat open roads and scenic coastal drives, maintain your tyres in good safe condition and safely enjoy our beautiful driving environment.

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